Dressed in Snuggly Feets


Yay, it’s not a very tight fit (yet) but it is about the right size! Love this cardigan. The booties are still a bit too big too, but they stay on, so all is well. I still can’t believe the things I’ve made over the past couple of years actually fit little babies! I know that’s what they’re made for, but when you’ve not got the opportunity to try it all on on one it’s sort of a case of ‘yeah it looks incredibly cute but could you actually use it..’. As it turns out, you can! Well pleased ๐Ÿ˜Š.




Too cute!


Ok, I know, she my own baby girl and the booties are made by me too so ofcourse I’m going to say it looks too cute, but c’mon, it does look too cute doesn’t it?! Even modelling them in her sleepsuit doesn’t take away any cuteness. These crocodile booties are still a little bit too big, but now I know they fit well and defenitely suit her, I’m goingt to make a hell of a lot more of them! ๐Ÿ˜Š





She’s here!


She’s here and was in time for Christmas too! On the 16th of December we finally got to meet our baby girl. And what a girl! Absolutely perfect and healthy, couldn’t have wished for more. Words can’t describe how happy we are.

On Christmas Day she wore her first proper outfit and what else goes with that than a pair of own made booties! Turns out she’s got quite long feet so she only just fitted the christmas booties I made.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ But here’s the proof, she did have them on!



Ready for Christmas (baby)!


Against all odds, we are ready for Christmas! Not that we have got a big celebration planned. We can’t really plan anything at the moment since our baby girl is due in only 8 days, but could easily tease us by letting us wait till Christmas or even after.. So no presents wrapped and no rediculous amounts of food in the house apart from a freezer full of home cooked meals in preparation for the first few weeks of parenthood.

But what if she does arrive in time? We couldn’t risk not having the opportunity to have some photos taken of her during her first Christmas, so just over a week ago the tree came out of the loft and got decorated by the husband while I watched from a distance coordinating the spreading of the decorations.

Since my mobility has been seriously compromised the last 6 weeks I had a lot of time to kill. Thank goodness I crochet cause let’s face it, daytime TV just makes you either want to eat/bake/cook or buy/restore/renovate a house or simply kill yourself, there’s only so many times you can hear the same tunes day in day out on the radio and browsing the Internet on your phone only results in spending your whole wage on online shopping within a week of receiving it.

So, after completing the last project I couldn’t resist making a few more stockings in different colours so our soon to be brand new little family would be sorted for Christmas. I am thinking of sewing our names on to them but since little miss Kay’s name is still a secret, that will be done at a later time ๐Ÿ˜‰.



Challenge accomplished!


Well this pattern by Red Heart was a challenge and a half! A project with lots of new skills to be learned and existing ones to be perfected. I never made a stocking, a bigger project than any previous ones, I am usually not that good at assembling seperate pieces together, hadn’t heard of cross over stitches before to make the cable pattern and I didn’t know crocheting in reverse was even possible!

But after a slow start I got the hang of all the new stitches quite quickly and my work actually started to look like the pictures in the pattern. Now nearly a week later et voilรก! Another Christmas related project finished for our expected little girl. She’d better be on time now!



Christmas baby?…


As you might have worked out from the last post, our little girl is due to arrive very close to Christmas. Her due date is the 20th of December, but will she be on time for Christmas? That’s the big question!

If she decides to hang on in there for as long as she can she might even be born in 2015. If it were up to me I’d probably vote for about the 13th of December as I’m already struggling physically with still 7 weeks to go, so arriving a bit early within the full term window would be welcome. But it’s not up to me is it! It’s all up to her whether she’s going to arrive before (or on!) Christmas Day or not.

Since there is quite a chance she will be on time for the festivities I obviously have to make her some Christmas related items. The first project to be finished – a pair of Christmas booties. They are tiny since she might only be a couple of days old when she has to fit them. Now let’s see what I can make her next!



Seven weeks and counting..


Finally, I finished work for half term and my maternity leave will start straight after, so the time to take things slower and put my feet up has finally begun. And so has the time to start loads of projects for our own little girl!

I started off simple and familiar with a pair of crocodile booties as it had been a while since I made a pair. I’m guessing a few more familiar projects will follow, but I will defenitely be trying out some new patterns too, so watch this space.


Puffy Blanket


A while ago I spotted this puff stitch in the Stitchionary of New Stitch A Day and thought it would be a nice one for a blanket for our baby to arrive in December. It was one of those in-between-projects projects. You know, that project you go back to when you’ve finished a project and are still deciding which of the 18276 patterns you’ve got queued up you’re going to do next. But sure enough, working with yarn I had still lying around, this week I finally finished the puffy blanket.

When I started crocheting this we didn’t know what we were going to have but halfway through the project we found out we will be welcoming a little girl at the end of the year, so I finished it off in another shade of orange to keep it bright and colourful (and not at all because our baby girl will be half Dutch…).

Think I’ll be using that stitch again. It eats away yarn but it has a lovely effect. I like!






Nothing much exciting, just a few beanies I made while back home in Holland for a week. We had a lovely quiet week so while chilling out in de conservatry enjoying the view I couldn’t resist getting my crochet hooks out and making something simple. I admit, the purple and yellow ones aren’t the best colour combi I’ve ever chosen, but they’re still cute. The pattern is from my usual source RepeatCrafterMe. Search for the Valentines Hat.